Revealing the Best US cities for vegans and vegetarians in 2024

Approximately 15.5 million adults in the United States consider themselves vegetarian or vegan. Additionally, many others are actively trying to eat less meat, either by participating in “meatless Mondays” or by reducing the amount of animal protein in their daily meals. These individuals also prefer to eat at restaurants that offer a variety of plant-based options. These are the plant-based protein sources that are most popular in America.

As an example of how much the trend has progressed, Eleven Madison Park in New York City, which is one of the highest-rated restaurants in America and has received a prestigious three-star rating from the Guide Michelin, has completely transitioned to a plant-based menu. They no longer use any animal products in their fancy multi-course meals, which range in price from $195 to $365 per person.

You don’t have to go to fancy restaurants to find vegetarian or vegan food. Asian restaurants are usually vegan and vegetarian-friendly. Many websites and social media platforms often share recipes that don’t include meat. Smoothie shops are specifically designed for people who avoid consuming animal products. Farmers markets are a great place to find fresh fruit and vegetables. According to the USDA, there were 1,755 farmers markets in 1994, and this number has grown to 8,771 in 2019.

Some places are better at doing this than others. 24/7 Tempo reviewed a study published by WalletHub, a personal finance company, to create a list of the best cities for vegans and vegetarians in 2023. The site used information from different government and non-government sources to rank the 100 largest cities in the U.S. The sources included the U.S. Census Bureau, the USDA Organic INTEGRITY Database, Feeding America,, and GrubHub. They used 17 different factors to rank the cities, which were divided into three categories and given different levels of importance.

Best US cities for vegans and vegetarians

Portland, Oregon

Diversity, accessibility, and quality:6/100
Vegetarian lifestyle:8/100
Overall score:61.38

Los Angeles, California

Diversity, accessibility, and quality:15/100
Vegetarian lifestyle:5/100
Overall score:61.24

Orlando, Florida

Diversity, accessibility, and quality:3/100
Vegetarian lifestyle:13/100
Overall score:59.16

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Phoenix, Arizona

Diversity, accessibility, and quality:11/100
Vegetarian lifestyle:78/100
Overall score:56.43

San Francisco, California

Diversity, accessibility, and quality:1/100
Vegetarian lifestyle:1/100
Overall score:56.25

Miami, Florida

Diversity, accessibility, and quality:2/100
Vegetarian lifestyle:49/100
Overall score:54.8

Austin, Texas

Diversity, accessibility, and quality:14/100
Vegetarian lifestyle:41/100
Overall score:53.78

Oakland, California

Diversity, accessibility, and quality:16/100
Vegetarian lifestyle:9/100
Overall score:53.71

Tampa, Florida

Diversity, accessibility, and quality:7/100
Vegetarian lifestyle:10/100
Overall score:53.05

Chicago, Illinois

Diversity, accessibility, and quality:26/100
Vegetarian lifestyle:17/100
Overall score:52.14

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Diversity, accessibility, and quality:81/100
Vegetarian lifestyle:66/100
Overall score:51.21

Washington, D.C.

Diversity, accessibility, and quality:9/100
Vegetarian lifestyle:6/100
Overall score:51.15

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