Map Shows Detroit City has the Most Iconic Buildings

These are some houses that come to mind when you think of Detroit architecture. Which ones stand out right away? Which buildings stand out against the sky? Which ones do lots of people want to visit? They may not be your favorite or most beautiful, but they are what make a place what it is.

There are a lot of people who use these buildings, like at the Cobo Center, the RenCen, and the Detroit Institute of Arts. Other buildings, like the Book Cadillac, the Fox Theatre, and the Grand Army of the Republic Building, have been in bad shape and are now being fixed up.

Michigan Central Train Depot

It used to be the most famous piece of blight. In a few years, it might be a famous model of redevelopment across the country. After the last train went through Michigan Central Station in 1988, it was broken into and used for years. The Beaux Arts beauty did, however, make history in 2018 when Ford bought the station and plans to make it the center of its Corktown campus. On the main floor, there will be local shops and restaurants that are open to the public.

Fisher Building

“the biggest piece of art in Detroit.” This Art Deco gem was built just before the Great Depression and still amazes people who see it. It was built for the Fisher Brothers by Albert Kahn in what would become known as New Center, or a second downtown. The arcade has paintings and mosaics by Geza R. Maroti and was made with more than 40 different types of marble. Its gold roof stands out against the night sky like a light. It’s a real treat to have this piece of art in the middle of the city.

Old Main

The Romanesque Revival Old Main was designed by Malcomson and Higginbotham and built in 1896 as Central High School. When Wayne State (then called Central) grew and moved across town in 1926, this building became the Main Building on the school. In 1958, it was given a historical marker and is still the most well-known building on the university grounds.

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Charles H. Wright Museum

Sims-Varner and Associates, an architecture company run by black people that was very busy in the second half of the 20th century, designed this famous museum, which opened in 1997. There are many great things about the 125,000-square-foot building, but its rotunda and high glass dome entryway are likely the ones that make it the most famous.

Masonic Temple

That kind of building is the biggest in the world, and it’s in Detroit. There are more than 1,000 rooms, such as the church, three theaters, the Shrine tower, and many lodge rooms. George Mason planned it, and it was built from 1920 to 1926. The building is now used for events, music, and Masonic activities.

Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre, which opened in 1928 as a movie theater, is one of the most popular places to see concerts in Detroit. In the 1970s, the theater was in pretty bad shape. In 1987, the Ilitch family bought it and fixed it up. Its fancy design includes many foreign elements, and a tall, lit tower that says “FOX” guides people who come to see it.

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