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Michigan City Student Selected for “Riley Champions 2024”

Michigan City Student Selected for Riley Champions 2024

MICHIGAN CITY — Riley’s Children Hospital has announced their chosen “Riley Champions” for 2024. A program has been established to recognize and celebrate individuals and families who exhibit bravery and dedication in assisting others while facing their own medical challenges.

A total of ten champions from various regions across the state have been chosen to serve as ambassadors for Riley Children’s Hospital. Remarkably, one of these exceptional individuals hails from our very own area.

Amir Agemy, an 8th grader, attends Barker Middle School in Michigan City. Amir’s health struggles began at a young age when he was diagnosed with type one diabetes and hearing loss.

A young child faced a challenging situation, as he was diagnosed with two separate conditions at a very young age. The news of his diagnoses, first with a medical condition at the age of five and then with hearing loss at the age of three, presented a difficult task of explaining the situation to him. “If you fail to show him the positivity, he will always be surrounded by negativity,” says Samer Agemy, the father of Riley Champion.

In his dedication to assisting other children, he prioritizes their health while also navigating his own journey. In a show of support, he rallied his classmates on Giving Tuesday, urging them to don red attire and contribute funds to the Riley cause. In his future aspirations, he envisions himself as an Audiologist.

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Amir Agemy, a 2024 Riley Champion, expressed his desire to assist children who have experienced hearing loss, drawing from his own personal experience. “I want to provide support and guidance to kids who are going through similar challenges,” Agemy stated. In a significant milestone, the Riley Children’s Foundation introduced the Riley Champions Program 15 years ago.

“Amir’s name has appeared in a book of Riley patients who were nominated for the prestigious title of Riley champion. Out of approximately 90 nominations, only 10 were chosen based on various criteria. A Riley champion is a remarkable Riley patient who not only triumphs over their medical challenges but also contributes to their community in a meaningful way,” explains Susan Miles, spokesperson for the Riley Children’s Foundation Kids Caring & Sharing Program.

Amir’s achievement at his middle school was met with celebration as he was chosen as a champion and awarded a special banner for his school. According to multiple sources within the school, including teachers, the school nurse, and the principal, it has been consistently observed that Amir demonstrates a strong inclination towards seeking opportunities to assist others. Amir is dedicated to assisting others as he navigates his medical journey. A fundraiser is being hosted by him to benefit children at Riley.

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