Michigan Health Officers Urge STI Testing as Cases Rise

A lot of people in Michigan care a lot about their own health and the health of their loved ones. There is a worrying increase in sexually transmitted infections in several counties in Michigan, even though there are already many illnesses and diseases to be worried about. Health officials in Michigan are worried and strongly advising residents to get tested as soon as possible.

Michigan Health Officials Urge STI Testing As Cases Rise

The CDC reports that the number of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is increasing rapidly in Michigan and the rest of the United States. According to the latest data from the CDC, there were over 2.5 million reported cases of syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia in the United States. Based on the latest data from the CDC, Wayne, Muskegon, and Kalamazoo counties have the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). However, there is a significant increase in cases of a specific infection throughout the Great Lakes state.

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The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services reports that the number of Syphilis cases in Michigan has increased by two times between 2017 and 2022. Syphilis is not as common as gonorrhea or chlamydia, but it is considered to be more dangerous. The CDC states that Syphilis can lead to severe health issues, such as permanent damage to the heart, brain, muscles, bones, and eyes. Syphilis is usually spread through unprotected sex, but it can also be passed from a mother to her baby during pregnancy.

Congenital syphilis is a big problem in the state and has caused a lot of worry. MDHHS is encouraging people to take steps to protect themselves and prevent the spread of STIs. This includes getting regular STI tests, using condoms correctly, practicing abstinence, and ensuring that sexual partners are also tested.

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