Lost Macaw Found: 9-Year-Old Talking Parrot Disappears in Northwest Indiana

A 9-year-old blue and gold macaw renowned for his ability to communicate his feelings caused a stir in Northwest Indiana when he went missing over the weekend. The beloved talking bird, whose family describes him as the “sweetest boy ever,” disappeared on Saturday, sparking a frantic search throughout the community.

Joanna’s disappearance was particularly distressing, given his unique personality and vocal abilities. Known for his expressive commands, Joanna often says “Stop it!” when he’s displeased, a phrase that has become his signature.

His repertoire also includes greetings like “hello” and farewells such as “bye-bye.” When enjoying his favorite foods, Joanna enthusiastically exclaims, “Hot,” and when he wants to be picked up, he says, “Step up.” These endearing habits have made him a cherished member of his family and a familiar figure in his Valparaiso neighborhood. According to a WGN News

The search for Joanna intensified after he was last seen on Sunday near Foxwood Court. Concern grew as Joanna’s wings were unclipped, meaning he had the freedom to fly significant distances, potentially making it harder to locate him. Friends, neighbors and even strangers rallied to aid in the search, scouring the area and sharing information on social media.

The family’s worries were finally alleviated when they received word just after 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday that Joanna had been found. Details on how Joanna was located or where he had been during his disappearance have not been fully disclosed, but the family expressed immense gratitude for the community’s support and relief that their feathered friend was safe.

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Joanna’s story captivated local media, with WGN News covering the saga from the time of his disappearance to the joyful announcement of his return. The ordeal highlights the strong bond between pets and their owners and how a community can come together in times of distress. Joanna, back home and presumably chattering away, serves as a reminder of the extraordinary connection humans share with their animal companions.

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