Most Famous Celebrities are Currently Living in Indiana

Many people tend to overlook Indiana and consider it not worth visiting, often labeling it as a flyover state. But you, our dear friends and readers, are aware that this is not true. Indiana is actually one of the most beautiful states in the USA. It is unfairly judged as “not worth it” by people who have never been here to experience it. Do you know that Indiana is home to more than 25 well-known or famous people? Yes, that’s correct. Forget about California – Indiana is now like Hollywood, and these interesting people come from our lovely small towns. Here are nine famous people from Indiana that you may not have known were from our state:

Famous Celebrities from Indiana

Michael Jackson

Wow, there’s so much to say about Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five that hasn’t already been said! The Jackson Five, including their young frontman Michael, are some of the most well-known people on this list. They came from the small town of Gary, where you can still visit the house where Michael was born. The Jackson Five were a group that was together from 1966 to 1990. They were honored by being inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame in 1997. You truly deserve it! The Jacksons are very well-known individuals from Indiana.

James Dean

It would be difficult to find someone who has never heard of James Dean. He was born in Marion in 1931 and later became one of Hollywood’s most famous heartthrobs. He is best known for his role as Jim Stark in Rebel Without a Cause.

Jim Davis

Jim Davis is a very famous cartoonist, and he is from Marion! Jim Davis is famous for creating the beloved character Garfield. He is a great example of the brilliance and creativity of people from Indiana, who are often referred to as Hoosiers. The comics he created were first published in 1978, and they are still printed in almost every newspaper worldwide.

Axl Rose

If you’re a fan of rock n’ roll, you’ll love this! William Rose Jr. was born in Lafayette in 1962. He later formed the very popular rock band Guns N’ Roses with his fellow Hoosier, Jeff Bell (also known as Izzy Stradlin). He began using the name Axl Rose for his performances, and the rest is history. He is one of the most talented famous people from Indiana.

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Florence Henderson

Florence Henderson, who played Carol Brady on the popular TV show The Brady Bunch, was born in Dale in 1934. She was one of ten children and she always had a dream of becoming an actress. She was also a singer, but not many people know that. She performed regularly for the pre-race ceremonies for the Indy 500 for a long time.

Scatman Crothers

Benjamin Crothers, also known as “Scatman” Crothers, was born in Terre Haute in 1910. He was a musician and actor who became famous for his role as Dick Halloran in The Shining. However, he had a long list of other accomplishments in his career. He also worked as a voice actor and provided his smooth voice for characters like Scat Cat in the Disney film Aristocats, Meadowlark Lemon in the Harlem Globetrotters animated TV series, Jazz the Autobot in The Transformers, and many others. Wow, what a remarkable impact!

David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth is another famous rockstar that we Hoosiers can proudly call our own. He is the last but certainly not the least on this list. Roth was born in Bloomington in 1955. He is most famous for being the lead singer in the band Van Halen. One day, after Roth had moved to Los Angeles, he met brothers Alex and Eddie Van Halen. They asked him to sing with the band they were trying to form. Van Halen was formed and their debut album sold two million copies.

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