NYC Bus Driver Shares What to Do If Passengers Won’t Pay

When you need to use the bathroom while on the bus. In this busy city, I was curious about when and how lady bus drivers find time to use the restroom. Lisa Turner, who has been driving a bus in NYC for 24 years, explained:

Most depots have a restroom for women at the end of the line. We are allowed to reach one. If it’s urgent, we simply call the office and say, ‘I’m taking a personal day.’

“Then inform the passengers that there is an emergency.” I am truthful. I need to find the women’s restroom. “Wait, or I can give you a transfer, or you can catch the next bus,” he said.

She said that as you get older, your body may require more attention and care. I feel the need to go urgently. First, I make a phone call, and then I inform the people I am driving that I need to use the restroom. Some people choose to wait for the next bus or start walking. “I work during the night.” I am working on the road from 12 midnight to 9:30 in the morning.

“The B47 is the route I like to take.” Have you had any negative experiences? Both yes and no. If there is a problem with the bus, I call for assistance and they send a truck to help. Then, I transfer the passengers to the next available bus.

“However, we do not confront fear.” Are you saying that you don’t want to pay? We don’t want to argue with you because it could cause a problem with the passenger. I am from Queens. Jamaica. I started out as a cleaner.

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“I was promoted to a bus operator by Transit, and I learned how to do it in just seven days.” I was afraid. I want to return to what I did previously. During the first four days, I cried. However, the instructor believed in me and assured me that I was capable of doing this.

The minimum shift duration is eight hours. Some runs last for 12 hours and pay. “I’m still too old to use bad language towards other drivers on the road.” If I were younger, perhaps I would consider it.

Feeling very shaken

I just remembered a personal experience I had during an earthquake.

The movie “Jurassic Park” directed by Spielberg had recently been released. It happened before a practice session in a smaller theater before the big and important Oscar ceremony.

I am a guest sitting in the center of the orchestra. A huge dinosaur replica, resembling the ones from “Jurassic Park,” emerged from the wings. The moment its deep mouth opened, a terrifying earthquake sound and shaking occurred.

The chandeliers fell and made a loud noise. The walls were shaking. The lights went out. People were shouting loudly. All the people ran. The dinosaur roared loudly.

Afterwards, there was an aftershock. The large crystal chandelier in my hotel was swaying in a dangerous way.

I missed the film at some point. I haven’t watched “Jurassic Park” yet. Not as scary is “Challengers.” Released this week. This is for young tennis fans.

The main focus is on loving Zendaya. Sorry, but some people are saying that the film is very bold and daring.

Conflicts in our daily lives start at a young age. Even before starting college. Starting today, our third graders have the opportunity to attend any reform school in America on a scholarship. This makes America feel safer. Our young criminals have access to too many weapons.

And it’s not just in New York, kids, it’s not just in New York.

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