Texas 10 yo Boy Confesses to Kill a Stranger in 2022

A 10-year-old boy from Texas has admitted to killing a person he didn’t know more than two years ago. However, according to the law in Texas, the young boy cannot be charged with the crime.

The boy provided important information about the unsolved murder of Brandon O’Quinn Rasberry in 2022. This case has puzzled authorities for over two years.

According to the Gonzales County Sheriff’s Office, a man named Mr. Rasberry, who is 32 years old, was discovered in his RV on January 18, 2022. He had one gunshot wound to his head and two small graze wounds on each of his hands.

Investigators think that he had already been dead for two days before his employer told the authorities that he was missing. He had just started living in the RV park four days ago.

Police searched through Mr. Rasberry’s cell phone records and talked to many neighbors, but they couldn’t find any new information. However, on April 12, a principal from the area called to report that the 10-year-old had confessed to a frightening crime and threatened to harm another student.

The department said that the deputy contacted the Gonzales County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division based on this information. “Investigators have found that the child may have information about Brandon’s murder based on what the child told the school.”

The boy, whose name has not been shared, provided a detailed account of the murder he is accused of committing when he was only seven years old during interviews with the police. The boy was visiting his grandfather, who lived at the same RV park. He saw Mr. Rasberry walking around the lot, according to the police.

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During the murder, the child admitted to taking a 9-millimeter pistol from his grandfather’s truck glovebox. He described the pistol as being “dirt and army green” in color. The child then quietly entered Mr. Rasberry’s RV.

“The child said that he saw Brandon sleeping in his bed. He went up to Brandon and shot him once in the head,” the police said.

The child said that as he was leaving the RV, he fired the gun again into the couch inside the RV. The child then got out of the RV and put the firearm back in the glovebox of the truck.

Investigators have determined that the boy did not have a clear reason for committing the crime. He confessed that he had never met the person he harmed and didn’t even know their name. “The police asked the child if he was angry at Brandon for any reason or if Brandon had ever done something to make him angry. The child said no,” the police said.

On the same day, the police found the suspected weapon at a pawn shop. The child’s grandfather had sold it to the pawn shop. The spent shell casings collected at the scene of the murder were later found to be a match.

Surprisingly, the boy cannot be held responsible for Mr. Rasberry’s death. In Texas, it is stated by law that a child cannot be held responsible for a crime until they reach the age of 10. Mr. Rasberry’s family is very upset that the person who killed their loved one will not be punished for the murder. They are also surprised by how young the kid was.

“It’s tragic to learn that the person who committed the murder was only seven years old, and the murder itself was senseless.” “It’s a bit difficult to understand,” said Jonathan Fojtik, Mr. Rasberry’s brother, in an interview with KENS5. “I think the boy knew exactly what he was doing.” Why wasn’t the child being watched more closely?

The boy admitted to something and was then put in a special place for 72 hours. After that, he was taken to a hospital in San Antonio, Texas to be checked and treated. He has been arrested and charged with making terroristic threats for the incident involving his classmate. He is currently being held in the county jail.

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