NYC Legal Weed Rights and Laws in 2024 You Must Need to Know

New York City is known for its green spaces and parks. In March 2021, the Governor of New York at that time, Andrew Cuomo, made a new law that made marijuana legal in the state. The lawmakers had been working on passing the guidelines since 2018, but they faced delays in discussions about tax revenue from sales. In 2021, the stage budget proposal included the Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act (more on that later).

After almost two years, the legalization of recreational cannabis started to have a real impact. As a result, all previous marijuana-related criminal records in the state of New York were considered legal.

In 2022, New York State made it legal to sell cannabis for recreational use by adults. In that year, many New Yorkers applied for their Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CUARD) license. As of now, more than 40 of them have opened licensed dispensaries, including 16 in New York City in 2023.

There are many questions that need to be answered: Is it possible to grow marijuana at home? Where can people in New York buy the stuff and will they get in trouble if they carry it around? Is it legal to sell marijuana now?

What’s legal right now in New York?

Simply put, in New York state, people who are 21 years old or older can now legally purchase, sell, use, and cultivate cannabis for recreational purposes in various forms, but there are certain restrictions to keep in mind.

Legalization mean for the general public

Legalization has many consequences. One of them is that fewer people will have a criminal record. Another consequence is that we will have more information about what is in the products. Lastly, the farming industry will also be affected.

“According to Paul Botto, co-founder and president of Lucid Green, a software company that assists dispensaries, the overall result is that weed consumption will become safer and more predictable for everyone.” “I believe it will bring more jobs and money to all towns in New York.” After Colorado legalized marijuana, the state had more tax revenue than it needed for the first time in many years. When you have a lot of money, you can use it to do things in education and infrastructure that you’ve always wanted to do.

The expert also mentions that local farmers, in particular, will be happy because they will now have another way to make money. “Cannabis is a strong plant,” he says. “This will provide struggling farmers with an additional option that can be more profitable.”

Smoke marijuana legally in New York

The City of New York says that adults can smoke or vape cannabis in the same places where smoking tobacco is allowed under the smoke-free air law. Therefore, you cannot go to workplaces, public spaces, restaurants, or bars.

However, unlike smoking tobacco, the use of recreational weed is also prohibited inside motor vehicles (even if they are parked) or in outdoor dining areas at restaurants.

After cannabis becomes legal for sale, many cities and towns choose to create designated areas where people can consume cannabis. You will probably need specific permits to create these areas.

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