These Top 7 Weirdest Laws in North Carolina Can Shock You

There are many strange laws in different parts of the United States. In Alabama, you could get in trouble for wearing a fake mustache in church. Washington State has passed laws that make it illegal to harass Bigfoot, purchase a mattress on Sundays, and sleep in an outhouse, unless it is your own outhouse. Curious about the strange laws that exist in North Carolina? You will definitely not be disappointed. Let’s explore some of the most unusual laws that have been enacted in the state over the years.

No Happy Hour Discounts on Drinks Allowed

Are you searching for cheaper drinks to enjoy after work? If you are in North Carolina, unfortunately, you are not in a fortunate situation. During happy hour, you can only get discounts on food, whether you’re eating at a restaurant or hanging out at a bar. The law wants to discourage excessive drinking by prohibiting these promotions. Make sure you’re ready to pay the full price whenever you want to buy a drink.

Want to Borrow a Horse? Forget About It

It is logical that stealing a horse is against the law in the Tar Heel State, as well as everywhere else. But what if we borrow one and then return it in perfect condition later? Unfortunately, you cannot proceed without obtaining the owner’s explicit permission. This law was created a long time ago when horses were the main way people traveled. Using someone else’s horse without permission can greatly inconvenience them, so it’s best to avoid taking joyrides on a borrowed horse.

Don’t Dare Collect Pine Needles and Pine Straw

The pine forests in North Carolina are very dense and have plenty of needles and straw. However, it is against the law to enter private property to gather and remove the leaves. The reason for this is that the pine needles and pine straw are used for landscaping, which leads to issues with people trespassing. Just let the tree debris stay where it falls and find a different method to obtain your landscaping materials.

Keep Your Mitts Off the Kitchen Grease

It may seem strange, but in Raleigh, it is not only looked down upon, but also against the law to steal used kitchen grease. This law is primarily focused on commerce, even though it may appear to be related to cleanliness. Leftover kitchen grease can be recycled and sold to companies that make biofuel. Green energy solutions are becoming more valuable, so there is a need for legal protections.

Highway Rollerblading Can Land You in Hot Water

What is your usual way of commuting to work? Probably not by rollerblading on the highway. However, the state decided to make this unusual activity illegal as a precaution in case someone decides to do it. The reason is clear, though. Skating down the highway would be very dangerous because of the fast speeds and lots of cars.

Plan to Motor Down the Sidewalk? Think Again

The sidewalks in Chapel Hill are only for pedestrians. If you are caught driving on those streets, you can expect to receive a citation at the very least. Not only cars, trucks, and vans, but also motorbikes, ATVs, and all other motorized vehicles are not allowed to drive on the sidewalk. This law makes sure that sidewalks are safe for everyone, whether it’s children playing or adults walking.

Better Stay in Key When Belting Out Your Tunes

Music is a beloved way to express oneself, but it’s not a good idea to sing out of tune in public places in North Carolina. Even if you’re doing your best, if the off-key tunes reach the wrong ear, it can lead to legal problems. This law is interesting because it highlights how important it is to have harmony in both music and public life. But it’s not completely fair, of course, because not everyone is naturally able to sing perfectly in tune.

Even though these laws are still in place, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are being effectively enforced. However, it’s probably not worth risking it anyway. Make sure to follow both the unusual laws and the regular ones to avoid getting into trouble when you visit North Carolina.

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