These Top 5 Worst New Laws in California in 2024 can Surprise You

Many people are leaving California in large numbers, and it seems that Democratic politicians in California are not showing any regret. Instead, they are continuing to support their policies by introducing several new laws that are considered to be negative. Carl DeMaio and Reform California have made a list of the top 5 worst new laws that will start in 2024 in California. They are asking upset voters to join them in fighting to bring back common sense in Sacramento.
In 2024, California will have new laws that will come into effect.

Every year, Carl DeMaio from Reform California brings attention to some of the most unusual laws that will be implemented in the new year. “DeMaio warns that Governor Gavin Newsom and California Democrat legislators are disconnected from reality as they continue to support policies that are harming Californians,” DeMaio says.

“I usually choose to highlight really bad new laws every year, but this year it was much more difficult because there are so many terrible new laws taking effect in California,” DeMaio explains.

Illegal Immigrants Will Get a Bunch More Free Stuff at Your Expense

Even though California has a very large $68 billion shortfall this year, Gavin Newsom and California Democrats are still using billions of dollars from state taxpayers to offer various free services and benefits to undocumented immigrants, including free healthcare.

In 2015, California Democrats began offering free healthcare services, funded by taxpayers, to undocumented immigrants between the ages of 19 and 25, as well as those who are over 50 years old. Beginning on January 1, 2024, there will no longer be an age limit for free healthcare services provided to undocumented immigrants that are funded by taxpayers.

Starting on January 1, 2024, more than 700,000 additional illegal immigrants will be able to access new healthcare benefits. This will bring the total number of illegal immigrants eligible for free healthcare funded by taxpayers to 2.4 million. How much does it cost taxpayers? The amount is $5-7 billion per year!

Creating a More Toxic Workplace

California labor regulations have already made our state a difficult place to create jobs due to high costs and risks. However, Governor Newsom and California Democrats recently approved SB 497, which significantly increases the risk for businesses by changing the burden of proof in worker retaliation cases.

According to SB 497, if an employee is unhappy and makes a complaint, they will be automatically considered a victim of retaliation. This means that the employer will have a difficult time defending themselves against false retaliation accusations.

Furthermore, Newsom and California Democrats have made it more difficult for businesses to justify creating jobs in our state. They did this by passing SB 363, which limits the use of arbitration to resolve disputes. They also passed AB 594, which allows local city attorneys to use taxpayer-funded lawyers to support local labor unions in legal attacks against small businesses.

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Making the Job of Police Officers Harder

Beginning on January 1, police officers in California will no longer be allowed to ask the question, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” AB 2773 is a law that says police officers must explain why they are stopping someone for a traffic or pedestrian violation before asking any other questions. If a police officer does not follow this new law, they will face consequences.

Taking Parents’ Rights Away

Several new laws are being implemented in California that weaken the rights of parents, making it the state with the strongest opposition to parental rights in the country.

Newsom and the California Democrats have approved AB-1078, which they claim is intended to prevent the banning of books in California schools. However, this bill will only take away the local control over curriculum decisions and make it harder for parents and communities to have a say in what is taught in schools.

Infringing on Your Right to Self-Defense

Newsom and California Democrats have implemented policies that have led to an increase in crime. Now, they are proposing a significant tax on guns and ammunition, making it more difficult for you to protect yourself. They also want to impose strict limitations on your right to carry concealed weapons. Both of these laws are clearly unconstitutional, but state politicians have completely ignored well-established civil rights rulings.

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