These West Virginia Cities Really Best For Singles In 2024

The top cities for single people in West Virginia in 2024 are Morgantown and Huntington, according to Saturday Night Science.

Are you searching for love in West Virginia? Or are you simply hoping to meet an attractive person from West Virginia? No matter what, we have everything you need here.

If you live in West Virginia, it’s likely that there are many single people in your area. There are many adults over the age of 18 in the Mountain State who are not married or in a committed relationship. That’s great news for people who are not in a relationship and want to meet new people. Which cities in West Virginia are the best for singles? We used Saturday Night Science to discover the answer.

Best Cities For Singles In West Virginia

Which city in West Virginia is considered the best for singles? Morgantown is considered the top place for singles in West Virginia because it offers things that singles value, such as a vibrant nightlife, affordable housing, and a large population of other singles.

Continue reading to find out how we analyzed the data and the ranking of each city. If you live in or near one of these cities and are single, it might be a good idea to go out more frequently.


Population: 30,220
Median Age: 23.8
Married households: 11.0%
Households with kids: 15.0%


Population: 46,637
Median Age: 35.4
Married households: 22.0%
Households with kids: 21.0%


Population: 29,685
Median Age: 42.0
Married households: 28.0%
Households with kids: 23.4%

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Population: 18,402
Median Age: 35.2
Married households: 31.0%
Households with kids: 25.2%


Population: 6,935
Median Age: 38.7
Married households: 24.0%
Households with kids: 24.8%


Population: 18,678
Median Age: 36.4
Married households: 13.0%
Households with kids: 35.1%


Population: 7,418
Median Age: 44.3
Married households: 27.0%
Households with kids: 17.1%


Population: 5,201
Median Age: 35.8
Married households: 23.0%
Households with kids: 27.9%


Population: 17,132
Median Age: 40.7
Married households: 23.0%
Households with kids: 28.8%


Population: 48,415
Median Age: 42.2
Married households: 27.0%
Households with kids: 21.9%

Method to determine best cities for singles in West Virginia

We used Saturday Night Science to analyze several metrics and determine the best places in West Virginia for singles to meet each other. We want to understand the characteristics of people living in different cities and make assumptions about the preferences of single individuals.

We searched the internet for a database that has all that information. We used many criteria to ensure we obtained the best and most comprehensive results possible. We analyzed data from the 2018-2022 American Community Survey Census for the state of West Virginia. We examined every city in the state.

  • Population density
  • % of population that’s male vs. female (closer to a 50-50 ratio is better)
  • % of households with kids
  • Median age
  • Number of unmarried people in each city

Next, we assigned a “Singles Score” to each city. The city with a higher score is better for singles to meet each other. We only included cities that have a population of more than 5,000. West Virginia had a total of 24 cities. This article has been revised for the year 2024. We have ranked the best cities for singles in West Virginia for the tenth time.

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