Oregon Rent Increase Laws 2024

There are rules in some states that limit how much and how often renters can be raised because rents are getting too high all over the country. Here are Oregon’s rules on how to raise rent.

Landlord Raise Rent in Oregon

Only five states in the US have rules that control rent. Oregon is one of them. Every year, the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis figures out and shares the highest rent increase that can happen the following year. At least 7% more than the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers in the West Region, or 10%, is what the number is set at.

For notices sent out before July 6, 2023, the annual rent rise that was allowed was 14.6%. It was 9.9% in 2022. So, the maximum rent rise changes based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ report on the cost of living in the western United States.

Oregon Fair Housing and Retaliation Laws

Another important thing to remember is that Oregon landlords can’t raise the rent because they want to be unfair or hurt someone. The government Fair Housing Act says that people can’t be turned away from the housing market because of their race or color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, family status, or disability.

Oregon law also says that rent hikes can’t be used as a way to get back at someone. For example, if you told the city that your landlord broke the building code and then they chose all of a sudden to raise your rent. If you think that the reason your rent went up is because of discrimination or retaliation, you should make a complaint with the right organization or even get a lawyer if the discrimination is very bad.

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Notice Period Required to Raise Rent in Oregon

The owner can’t raise the rent during the first year of renting, except for people who rent by the week. If they want to raise the rent after the first year, they have to give at least 90 days’ notice. Also, they have to give written notice of the rent increase, which can be given in person or mailed first-class. The letter has to say how much the rent is going up and what the new rent is. Also, it needs to be very clear about when the new rent will start and why the rental unit is not subject to the Oregon rent increase cap.

Oregon Rent Control

There are some places in Oregon that don’t follow the strictest rent control rules in the country, but that’s not always the case. The rules won’t stop people from building new things because buildings younger than 15 years old don’t have to follow the rent increase limit. Also, rents that are funded by the government are not controlled by the same laws, and if the tenant decides not to renew their lease, the rent can go up as much as they want.

As long as they give the right notice and follow the rules of the lease, landlords can raise the rent whenever they want for any reason. They can’t raise the rent during the first year of the lease or during the set term of the lease, unless the lease has a clause that lets them. If you have a one-year lease, the landlord can only raise the rent once a year unless the deal says otherwise.

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