Peggy Moore, an Obama Staffer, and Her Wife Died in a Car Crash in California

Last week, police reported that a car accident in California resulted in the death of a former campaign worker for former President Barack Obama and her wife.

Peggy Moore, who is 60 years old, and Hope Wood, who is 48 years old, were riding in a Jeep pickup truck when it crashed into a sedan on Highway 76 near Fallbrook. This information was reported by NBC Bay Area.

Both people died because of the crash.

The driver of the Jeep, who was 60 years old, and the driver of the sedan were also killed in the accident. Another person in the Jeep managed to survive.

The medical examiner only named Moore as a victim, but later online tributes revealed the names of the other victims who were killed, including Moore’s wife.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee wrote a post on X/Twitter to honour and remember the women. She said that she was friends with Moore and described her as a “friend, an activist, and one of the best organisers I knew.”

“Her strong desire and determination for fairness and equal treatment is what brought her and Hope together,” she wrote. “They worked together, influenced people’s thoughts and feelings, and contributed to a world where your freedom is not restricted by who you love.”

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She said that the women had a significant influence on our community, city, state, and nation, and that this influence will continue to be felt for many generations.

“I am very sad about the tragic death of Peggy Moore,” said Rusty Hicks, the chair of the California Democratic Party, in a post on Twitter. “She was a very talented politician and a member of Team CADEM who had a strong dedication to organising and a commitment to justice every day.”

Ms. Schaff remembered that Moore was always friendly and would often run into people she knew wherever she went.

“Whenever you walked with Peggy, it would always take two hours,” Ms. Schaff told KRON4. She was familiar with every person. Politics meant a lot to her on a personal level. The focus was on building connections despite our differences. To raise our collective hopes and simply love.

She said that the people close to the couple found some small comfort in knowing that the women died immediately and that they died together.

“She said that many of her friends and family are shocked but somewhat comforted by the idea that they went immediately,” she said. “They went quickly and without feeling any pain, and they went together.”

Moore and Wood first met in 2008 while they were both campaigning for Mr. Obama, who was running for president at the time. In 2019, they started a company called Hope Action Change. The company focuses on diversity and equality and offers consultancy and coaching services.

According to her LinkedIn page, Moore used to work as the campaign manager for former Oakland Mayor Libby Schaff. She also worked as a senior adviser in Schaff’s office from 2015 to 2017. She also worked as a general consultant for Diana Betcon’s successful campaign for district attorney in Contra Costa County, California.

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