Kayak Just Named This U.S. City Most Popular Destination for Summer Travel

If you haven’t started thinking about your summer vacation plans yet, you should be. According to Kayak, flight prices are lower this summer. Prices for domestic flights within the United States have dropped by 13 percent, providing some relief to travellers who were facing very high prices last summer.

But where is everyone going? Kayak has been analysing which travel destinations have been the most popular for searches between May 24 and September 3. The results give some information about the domestic travel destinations for this summer, with 10 major U.S. cities included in the list.

These are the places that people search for the most. The Kayak report mentions that travellers are repeatedly choosing these places from the billions of searches conducted each year.

Seattle is ranked at the top of the popular domestic destination list, according to Kayak. This ranking is considered “surprising” based on past results. However, people who are knowledgeable about it are aware that the cool and famously rainy city is actually quite beautiful during the summer. During the months of May to September, there are fewer rainy days and the temperature stays around 70 degrees, which is considered to be the perfect summer temperature. The average price for summer tickets to Seattle is $455, which means it is the second most expensive destination on the list.

Next on the list after Seattle is Las Vegas, which is a well-known and popular travel destination. The average cost of a flight to Las Vegas is $396. Orlando was ranked as the third most expensive destination for summer flights, with an average price of $328. Honolulu, which is the most expensive summer destination, is ranked at No. 4 with an average summer flight price of $780.

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Many other big cities in the United States were present, such as New York City, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles. However, what surprised Kayak’s data team was that historically less popular cities like Denver (No. 6) and Boston (No. 8) were also on the list. During the summer, the average cost of flights to Denver is $346, while flights to Boston average $391.

Here is a list of the most popular summer destinations in the U.S., based on summer flight searches on Kayak:

  • Seattle: Average summer flight price: $455
  • Las Vegas: Average summer flight price: $396
  • Orlando: Average summer flight price: $328
  • Honolulu: Average summer flight price: $780
  • New York City: Average summer flight price: $378
  • Denver: Average summer flight price: $346
  • Los Angeles: Average summer flight price: $396
  • Boston: Average summer flight price: $391
  • Miami: Average summer flight price: $375
  • Chicago: Average summer flight price: $361

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