Wisconsin Has Some Most Haunted Locations You Should Visit

Wisconsin is a state in the Midwest of America and it has a very interesting history. Wisconsin, also known as the Badger State, is famous for its delicious cheese, beer, and the Wisconsin Dells waterparks. But it is also home to many ghost stories and haunted places that can give even the most experienced ghost hunters a thrill.

Here is a list of places in Wisconsin that are known for paranormal activity. We have searched extensively for the scariest places in the state, including haunted houses and abandoned cemeteries. We have included the history of hauntings in each location, as well as the most commonly reported paranormal activity.

Wisconsin’s Most Haunted Locations

The Pfister Hotel: Milwaukee

The Pfister Hotel was called the “Grand Hotel of the West” when it opened in 1893. Even after 130 years, this hotel is still considered one of the most luxurious in the Midwest. It features a beautiful marble staircase, elegant chandeliers, and traditional decor that reflects the charm of the Old World. The venue has also been the host for every U.S. president since William McKinley. It has also welcomed many baseball teams who come to play against the Milwaukee Brewers.

However, it is also famous for being one of the most haunted hotels in the country, especially for professional baseball players! Some of the strange things that people have experienced include seeing ghosts, objects moving on their own, hearing voices from nowhere, lights that move, feeling cold for no reason, and strange electrical occurrences. The first reports of these unusual events began in the early 2000s.

Shaker’s Cigar Bar: Milwaukee

Shaker’s Cigar Bar is a popular place in Milwaukee’s Third Ward that is famous for its drinks, cigars and spirits. The bar is located in a building that was built in 1894. The building was first used as a cooperage house for the Schlitz Brewery. They made large barrels there to brew and transport beer. Starting in 1905, it was used as a distribution centre. During Prohibition, the place was changed into a secret bar and brothel. It was owned by the well-known gangster Al Capone, who was based in Chicago.

Shaker’s Cigar Bar started operating in this old building in 1986. The bar has a cool vintage vibe that gives you the feeling of stepping into the past. This pub was visited by serial killer Jeffery Dahmer multiple times in the 1990s while he was searching for his victims.

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Boy Scouts Lane: Stevens Point

When you think of Boy Scouts, you might picture fun activities and earning badges. However, Boy Scouts Lane in Wisconsin has a darker side. There is a local legend that says this road near Stevens Point was named after some Boy Scouts who died there. The name actually came from the fact that the land was previously owned by the Boy Scouts of America, who had plans to build a summer camp there.

Dartford Cemetery: Green Lake

The Dartford Cemetery is a very haunted place in the peaceful town of Green Lake, Wisconsin. This is the place where many of the first people to live in Wisconsin were buried. It is also the final resting place of Chief Highknocker, who was the last Native American chief to lead the area. Unfortunately, a lot of the people buried there are children who passed away because of illness. In 1911, Chief Highknocker died while trying to swim across the Fox River. According to some people who live here, there is a story that he did something because someone dared him to when he was drunk. However, this part of the story doesn’t seem likely because he would have been 90 years old when he died.

Clarke County Asylum

Wisconsin has another haunted asylum, which is not surprising given the amount of pain and suffering that typically occurs in such places. The Clarke County Asylum was constructed in 1920 to offer extended care for individuals with severe mental health conditions. By 1930, the facility housed over 300 patients.

As part of their treatment, many patients were subjected to electroshock therapy, bloodletting, and being immersed in ice water. Local stories say that a group of patients rebelled against the cruel treatment and attacked and killed some of the staff members.

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