Revealing Ridiculous Myths About Iowa That Many Natives Believe

We, the less than 3.5 million people who live in Iowa, are a small but mostly proud group. It seems like many people in Iowa are proud of their state. I notice many people wearing shirts that say “Iowa Home”. I notice that there is a great deal of admiration for people from Iowa, such as Caitlin Clark and Ashton Kutcher.

However, like most people from any place, we hold certain stereotypes about people from our state. For instance, try to persuade me that 97% of Iowans would be unable to locate the turn signal in their car even if their life was at risk. Today, I decided to try and debunk some common myths that many native Iowans believe.

Myths About Iowa That Even Some Natives Believe

Iowa is a state that is famous for its agriculture. There are more pigs in Iowa than there are people. But our state has more to offer than just farming and animals. But do many people actually know that?

Iowa is So Boring

Is it boring? Some parts of the drive may be boring, especially if you don’t enjoy looking at fields. But there is a lot to do. We have a complete amusement park, many sports activities, museums, water activities, and cities with a long history and many famous places to visit.

Iowa is All Corn Fields

Typically, in most years, the majority of Iowa fields are filled with 90% corn. Only corn? No. We have a large amount of corn that we grow. Iowa also grows other crops. Soybean fields are also very common.

Sports, What Sports?

Are there any professional sports teams in Iowa? Sorry, but the answer is no. We have many fantastic sports! D1 colleges are the highest level of college sports. The Iowa Cubs are a Triple A baseball team affiliated with the Chicago Cubs. There are also many smaller, local teams. Here, we have a baseball team called the Bucks and a hockey team called the Black Hawks. Iowa offers many sports options for fans.

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Politicians Only Come Every Four Years

That’s incorrect! Presidential candidates usually start appearing in a state several years before they run for office. It’s a way to gauge the state’s mood, measure their support, and see if voters in the Midwest will be interested in what they’re proposing. The Iowa State Fair in Des Moines also attracts many potential candidates during years when caucuses are not held.

Iowa is Way Behind on the Times

Iowa may not have the same level of technology industry as Silicon Valley, but we have many farmers who are equipped with impressive agriculture technology. We have many John Deere plants in the state that make and develop the latest agricultural technology.

Iowa Has No Water

Iowa has a lot of water! There are mostly rovers, not many lakes like Minnesota. However, having those rivers means you can go kayaking, canoeing, and jet skiing whenever you’re near or on the water. We also have a few popular lakes, just so you know.

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