These Destinations are New Jersey Residents Strongly Urged to Avoid

During the summer, people from New Jersey enjoy the warm weather and their children being out of school by traveling to different places, both within the country and internationally. Since there is a lot of free time available, now is the ideal time to plan a trip away from home and embark on an exciting new adventure.

Even though New Jersey is already a popular vacation spot, especially for our beach towns, now is the perfect time to plan a week-long or longer getaway since there are no sports or school activities to worry about.

New Jersey is excited to welcome tourists to our beach towns during the summer season. People visit the shore to have fun and enjoy everything it has to offer, like the beautiful waves and the exciting nightlife. Regarding residents of New Jersey, although we enjoy the beach, many of us prefer to take our summer vacations in other countries.

US Global Travel Advisory

Planning a trip to a place across the sea is always exciting. It is a place that you have never visited before. The adventure lies not only in the history of your chosen destination abroad, but also in its culture. The language, food, and entertainment in this place offer a completely new and exciting experience. Right now, it’s not very safe to travel to certain foreign countries if you want to experience their culture.

The Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs says it is now more important than ever to evaluate the safety and risks of planned trips abroad. That is why they are encouraging every US citizen to check the Bureau’s travel advisories before planning a trip this summer.

Jersey Residents Advised Not to Travel to These Places


The US Department of State has issued a “Do Not Travel” advisory for Venezuela because of high levels of crime, civil unrest, kidnapping, and inconsistent enforcement of local laws. The advisory states that political demonstrations can happen suddenly and may involve the use of tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets. Some areas of the country are experiencing a lack of gas, electricity, water, and medical supplies.


Iraq is under a Do Not Travel advisory due to terrorism, kidnapping, armed conflict, and civil unrest. The advisory warns about the use of homemade bombs, attacks from a distance, and unmanned flying machines as reasons why it’s not recommended to travel to Iraq, especially in Baghdad and other cities.


The advisory for Iran is very clear: Do Not Travel. The statement says that U.S. citizens should not go to Iran for any reason. It also mentions that Americans have been taken captive, detained, or accused of crimes they didn’t commit. Terrorism and civil unrest are listed as major risks when traveling to the country.

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The State Department has been telling Americans not to go to Afghanistan for a while now. They closed the embassy in Kabul after the Taliban took control in 2021. In December 2023, the advisory was updated to include wrongful detention as a risk. This risk was added to the existing list of risks, which already included terrorism, kidnapping, and crime.


The State Department has issued a Do Not Travel advisory for Haiti because of high levels of crime, civil unrest, inadequate healthcare, and a significant risk of kidnapping. The advisory explains that when Americans are kidnapped, the kidnappers often demand thousands of dollars as ransom payments. In Haiti, U.S. government personnel have to follow strict rules. They are not allowed to use public transportation, visit banks or ATMs, or drive at night.

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