Stark County mom pays $800 and don't receives Taylor Swift concert tickets

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A mother from Jackson Township is feeling frustrated and disappointed. She lost $800 after being tricked into buying fake tickets for a Taylor Swift concert. She did not get the tickets.

“I wanted to make my daughter happy,” said Megan Peters.

Peters was very happy when she found out that Taylor Swift would be performing in a concert in Indianapolis in November. It is around the time when her daughter becomes 13 years old. She went on the internet to purchase two tickets, but they were no longer available.

She saw a post on a Facebook group for buying, selling, and trading items on March 10. Someone was selling tickets to a Taylor Swift concert for $400 each. Peters says she couldn’t resist.

“I felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to buy these tickets at such a low price,” said Peters. Peters wanted to purchase two tickets. She asked the seller if she could personally deliver the cash. “She wasn’t in Jackson, which was a cause for concern, but I really wanted this to be true,” said Peters.

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The seller said that her cousin had a payment app called Venmo. The person recommended that Peters use the app to send the money. But Peters was feeling a bit concerned. She pleaded with the seller to not deceive her.

“She messaged me back and said that it was definitely not a scam. She also promised to transfer the tickets once she had proof of payment,” said Peters. Peters used Venmo to send the money. The seller wants an additional $200 to transfer the tickets into Peter’s name.

“I replied to her message and told her that you had given me a quote of $400.” “If that price doesn’t work for you, I can’t afford to go any higher. In that case, I just want my money back,” said Peters. The person did not respond but shared the tickets in other Facebook groups.

“Peters said, ‘I noticed that you are reposting those tickets again. If you don’t refund my money, I will contact the police.’ After that, I never heard from her again,” said Peters.

Peters discovered that she was not actually speaking to the woman shown in the profile picture. Your account was illegally accessed by someone without your permission. She discovered that the person she was communicating with was not the same woman as the one shown in the profile picture. “According to Peters, this hacker has been using a woman’s account to access her friends’ accounts and profit from it.”

Peters said she will need to create a new plan for her daughter’s birthday. She learned an important lesson: to be cautious when shopping online and not to ignore warning signs.

“I feel really upset about it.” “We put in a lot of effort and I understand the effort required to make $800,” said Peters.

The Jackson Township Police have confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation. Peters says that Venue refuses to give her money back because she didn’t indicate that it was a business transaction. She wants her bank to assist her.

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