Student is in Custody After Shooting Classmate in the Leg

According to Dallas ISD Superintendent Dr. Stephanie Elizalde, a student has been taken into custody for shooting another student in the leg inside a classroom at Wilmer-Hutchins High School on Friday morning.

The shooting happened at the school on Langdon Road at around 10:30 a.m., according to the district police. The school was quickly secured, according to them. Medical help arrived at the school before 11 a.m. and took the student to a nearby hospital.

Elizalde confirmed that a student was shot in a classroom and the injury is not believed to be life-threatening. The person said that the teacher acted fast to stop any more harm by guiding the student with a weapon out of the classroom and away from the school.

“He guided the student away from the campus to help the injured student and make sure the alleged suspect didn’t enter the rest of the school building.” “So, that’s why I know how much more was avoided, because he was directed away from the school,” Elizalde said.

There were no other injuries. “Fortunately, our student is being taken care of by professionals and the injury is not life-threatening,” Elizalde said. “That should never be a normal statement that should come from a superintendent … I won’t say that we will make these behaviors seem normal. I disagree … this can never be considered acceptable.

We do not yet know the names or ages of the suspect or the victim. Dallas ISD police chief Albert Martinez stated that he thought both students involved were at least 17 years old. Officials have not provided any information about what might have caused the shooting, but they are investigating the motive.

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The Dallas ISD police have confirmed that they found a handgun. Elizalde confirmed that the school has metal detectors, but mentioned some weaknesses, such as the multiple entrances, that need to be addressed. They are currently investigating how the student managed to bring the gun into the building.

“So, that is the question I have that I don’t have an answer for regarding how the gun got inside.” Yes, we have metal detectors and we used them today. We understand that there are weaknesses or flaws. “There are many entrances to schools, and the chief will be working with the school to identify those vulnerabilities,” she said.

According to her, Martinez is also working on a report about what happened afterwards. Our leader will conduct a study and write a report after the action. We have learned valuable lessons that we can share with our other campuses to promote best practices. Once again, in order to be proactive. “We need to learn from this tragedy and make sure we don’t wait for another one to happen,” Elizalde said.

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Sada Boyce is curious about that. “What comes next?” “What are we going to do about this?” Boyce asked. Boyce has a family member who attends Wilmer-Hutchins. “We can bring our kids here all day, but how can we improve the situation or find a solution?” “That is the next question.”

She mentioned that there will be some security changes at the high school. “This is completely unacceptable and hard to believe, but it is happening in schools all over America,” Elizalde said. “I understand that everyone has a lot of questions, and I also have those questions.” I have the same questions that you all want to ask us, and we are still working on them.

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