These 5 Oklahoma Town Residents Are Fleeing ASAP in 2024

Oklahoma has a rich history, a variety of cultures, and beautiful natural scenery. However, not all of its towns are successful in the modern era. Many people struggle with problems such as a decrease in population, lack of economic growth, damage to the environment, and social issues. According to different sources, there are five towns in Oklahoma where a significant number of people are leaving.


Cardin is a ghost town located in Ottawa County, near the borders of Kansas and Missouri. It used to be a busy mining town. In 1983, it was designated as a Superfund site due to the presence of lead and zinc waste that had contaminated it. Today, the Environmental Protection Agency moved most of the residents to a different location, so only a few buildings and a cemetery remain.

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf, located in Kiowa County, was named after a Kiowa chief. It was established in 1901 as a town along the railroad. The town’s economy flourished due to agriculture and oil industries. But unfortunately, the town was affected by droughts, dust storms, and the Great Depression. The number of people living there decreased from more than 1,000 in 1950 to less than 400 in 2020. Lone Wolf is known for having a lot of crime, which makes life there not very good.


Corn was established by German immigrants in 1892. Originally called “Korn,” its name was changed during World War I. The town is famous for its Mennonite heritage and yearly events such as the Corn Bible Academy and Corn Carnival. However, it has experienced a decrease in population and economic decline in recent times.

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Earlsboro was established in 1891 as a trading post close to the Seminole Nation. It experienced significant growth in the 1920s due to the oil boom. The boom didn’t last long, even though it attracted celebrities, gamblers, and bootleggers. The town had economic problems which caused poverty, unemployment, and crime.


Hitchcock was established in 1892 as a farming community in Blaine County. It thrived until the 1940s. The town became a ghost town due to the challenges of the Dust Bowl, decline of the railroad, and school consolidations. The Skeleton Creek Ranch is the only attraction in Hitchcock today. It is a haunted house that operates during Halloween.

In conclusion

These towns in Oklahoma, which have a rich history and culture, are now deserted because of different challenges. These towns have had a hard time adjusting to changes, which has led to negative consequences when they lose their energy and ability to survive. Some places may have the potential to be revived or preserved, but for now, they are disappearing from the map and people’s memories.

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