Study Finds the Best Pet Friendly Neighborhoods In New York City

While it can be challenging to find a neighborhood that is welcoming to dogs, it’s important to choose a location that is suitable for your canine companion. Nobody wants to choose a pet-friendly apartment, only to find out later that the nearest park is a 30-minute walk away and lacks an off-leash area.

With that in mind, we delved into the specifics to discover some of New York’s most welcoming neighborhoods for pets since NYC has a fondness for animals. Although some may have limited space and lack outdoor amenities like backyards, New Yorkers are happy to live in their modern homes with their furry friends.

It’s been documented that over 300,000 dogs live in Manhattan, while Brooklyn and Queens have at least double that number. While many neighborhoods in New York City have a high number of pet owners, some areas simply provide a more convenient and enjoyable experience for pet owners.

Top Pet-Friendly Areas in New York City

West Village

Enjoy a leisurely walk along the charming side streets of the West Village. One of the most delightful neighborhoods in Manhattan is always a pleasure to visit. However, the many dog runs and easy access to the Hudson River Park make this place just as appealing to dogs as it is to people.

Battery Park City

This cozy neighborhood in Lower Manhattan offers numerous public gardens and sidewalks perfect for leisurely strolls with your furry friend. Even better, Battery Park City is located next to Hudson River Park and Rockefeller Park. Each location offers plenty of room for strolls and beautiful sights of the Hudson River and the New Jersey skyline.

Upper West Side

Located between two expansive and picturesque green areas – the renowned Central Park and Riverside Park. The residents of the Upper West Side and their furry friends are just a short distance from a relaxing walk in the park. Every location offers designated times for pets to roam freely in the morning, along with enclosed spaces for them to socialize with other animals. Additionally, numerous pet shops and clinics can be found along the bustling shopping streets of Amsterdam, Broadway, and Columbus Avenues.

Hollis Hills

Situated between the expansive Cunningham Park and the serene lakes, meadows, and woods of Alley Pond Park. This popular neighborhood in the east is perfect for going on long adventures with your dog. The Hollis Hills community offers single-family suburban homes with gardens, creating a residential atmosphere ideal for enjoyable walks.

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Park Slope

Pet lovers in this Brooklyn area are drawn to the stunning Prospect Park. This area features the sole Dog Beach in New York City, along with designated off-leash hours and multiple dog runs. Although there are plenty of pet shops and amenities on the main 7th and 5th Avenues, the beautiful, brownstone-and tree-lined side streets make walking around Park Slope a delightful experience.


Its tranquil, picturesque, sunlit streets and lovely houses. Fieldston is a private area located near New York City’s fourth-largest park, the 1,000-acre Van Cortlandt Park, making it a great spot for dog walking at any time.

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