TD Bank discloses ATM for dogs at South Philly location

Pets are being included in daily human life more and more, with things like “pup cups” at coffee shops and menus for dogs at restaurants. Now, even dogs in Philadelphia can join in on the exciting activity of using an ATM.

TD Bank’s South Philly location, located at 2201 S. Broad St., has introduced a dog ATM. The dog ATM, which stands for Automated Treat Machine, gives out free biscuits to dogs.

To use the machine, the dog must go to the ATM. It looks like a small version of a human TD Bank ATM, complete with a screen and keypad. The dog needs to step on the mat with a paw print, which has motion detectors. And there you have it! The free treat will be put into a metal bowl for the dog to enjoy.

“At TD Bank, we are always coming up with new ideas and changing to make things better for our customers. We want to meet their financial needs in the most convenient ways possible and also find fun ways to bring our communities together,” explained Rick Carrion, TD Bank’s retail market manager for Philadelphia. “The Dog ATM is another way we make our customer experience special and add a unique touch to our dog-friendly brand.”

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TD is calling their new offering “Unexpectedly Canine,” which is a clever reference to their “Unexpectedly Human” campaign. TD Bank guests can get free dog bandanas for their pets, in addition to free treats from the ATM. TD is encouraging dog owners to share pictures of their dogs wearing the bandanas using the hashtag #UnexpectedlyCanine.

The dog ATM is a unique type of ATM, as stated by TD Bank. Currently, it is only found at the South Philly location. All TD locations allow dogs, so maybe they will have even more in the future.

Last month, TD opened a dog ATM. The store manager, Bianca Otero, said that there has been a lot of interest in the new machine and many happy dogs have used it.

TD has partnered with the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to host an adoption event at their South Broad location on Saturday, April 13, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. This event is being held to celebrate the opening of the dog ATM. TD is giving $5,000 to PAWS as a donation. Now, if only we could have ATMs that give out money to people for free!

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