These 5 Texas Cities Has the Highest Divorce Rate in Entire State

One of the things Texas is famous for is its size, culture, economy, and history. Yet, what is not widely recognized is that certain cities within the country have higher rates of divorce. According to the most recent census data, these are the top five Texas cities with the highest percentage of divorced residents:


Bastrop, a small city in central Texas, is located about 30 miles southeast of Austin and has a population of 9,955. This city has the highest divorce rate in Texas, with sixteen percent of its residents being divorced, which is also one of the highest rates in the country. Bastrop is known for its charming historic downtown, beautiful state park, and yearly film festival.


Gladewater, a small city in east Texas, is situated approximately 15 miles to the west of Longview. It has a population of 6,166. The divorce rate in this area is the same as in Bastrop, with 16.0% of residents being divorced. Gladewater is known for its antique shops, oil history, and yearly rodeo.


Located as a suburb of Waco in central Texas, Lacy-Lakeview has a population of 7,190. With fifteen percent of its residents being divorced, it ranks as the third-highest city in Texas for divorce rate. Lacy-Lakeview is recognized for its close location to Baylor University, the lakefront park, and the historic cotton mill.

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Jasper is a small city with a population of 7,590, situated near the Louisiana border in east Texas. 14.9% of the population in this city is divorced, making it the fourth-highest in Texas for divorce rate. Jasper is known for its pine forests, fishing lakes, and yearly butterfly festival.


Lamesa is a small city located about 60 miles south of Lubbock in west Texas, with a population of 8,998. 14.8% of the population in this city is divorced, ranking it as the fifth-highest in Texas for divorce rate. Lamesa is well-known for its agriculture, art museum, and yearly chicken-fried steak festival.

In conclusion

Here are the top five Texas cities with the highest divorce rates according to the latest census data. Various factors can lead to these high rates, such as economic, social, or personal issues, but it’s important to understand that divorce isn’t always a negative outcome. Divorce can sometimes be the most suitable choice for the health of individuals and their families. It’s important to also take into account potential negative outcomes, like financial, emotional, or legal issues. It is recommended to seek professional assistance, like counseling, mediation, or legal advice, before making a decision about ending a marriage.

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