These 6 Most Stupidest Laws in Pennsylvania Still Can Surprise You

Pennsylvania, just like any other state, has its fair share of strange laws. For example, there is a law in the city of McKeesport that prohibits ‘watch stuffers’ from operating. There is also another law that only allows the state to own a liquor store, and not anyone else. We searched through the law books to find some of the weirdest laws in Pennsylvania that we could verify. This way, you can avoid getting in trouble for things like shooting a swimming bison.

Most Stupidest Laws in Pennsylvania

‘Dealing’ in infants is against the law

Many people believe that those involved in child trafficking should be given long prison sentences. In fact, the Pennsylvania legislature has passed a law making it illegal to trade, barter, buy, sell, or deal in infant children. However, the person who committed the crime doesn’t need to worry because it is considered a minor offense in the state.

‘Watch stuffers’ are not welcome in McKeesport

A ‘watch stuffer’ is someone who tries to sell bad or worthless watches as if they were good ones. The city of McKeesport has decided to stop this business practice by making it illegal.

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Singing or whistling is considered a nuisance by law

In Danville, it is against the law to make loud noises like yelling, shouting, whistling, or singing between 11 pm and 7 am if it bothers people in offices, homes, hotels, or nearby.

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Liquor stores are run by the state

In 1933, when alcohol was prohibited, the Republican governor of Pennsylvania, Gifford Pinchot, called a special meeting of the General Assembly. The purpose was to create the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, which aimed to make it difficult and expensive for people to buy alcoholic drinks in order to discourage their consumption. A new law was enacted that allows only the state government to sell wines and spirits.

Ex-felons are not allowed to operate a Bingo game

Based on the city of Bensalem’s municipal code, in chapter 105 section 13, it states that no distributor or person who has been convicted of a felony or a violation of the Bingo Law or this chapter or any similar state or federal law can have a financial interest in the operation or profits of games of chance.

It’s prohibited to use Koi or Goldfish as bait when fishing

According to Pennsylvania law, in Chapter 63 section 44, it is against the law to use or have Goldfish, Comets, Koi, and Common carp as bait fish when fishing.


Pennsylvania has unique laws, such as prohibiting ‘watch stuffers’ and allowing the state to own a liquor store. The state’s liquor control board was created in 1933 to discourage alcohol consumption. Ex-felons are not allowed to operate bingo games, and using Koi or Goldfish as bait when fishing is prohibited. Understanding these laws can help avoid legal issues and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

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