Data Reveals the Fastest Growing Cities In North Carolina For 2024

The cities of Rolesville and Waxhaw are projected to be the fastest-growing cities in North Carolina by 2024, according to Saturday Night Science. Is it a positive or negative thing to be in a rapidly growing area of North Carolina? It varies depending on the person you ask.

Some people prefer larger and more vibrant cities such as Charlotte and Raleigh, while others prefer a peaceful and quiet atmosphere like in Ayden and Wadesboro. Thank you very much. Today, we will set aside opinions and focus on the factual information. We will examine which cities in North Carolina have experienced the most rapid growth since 2010.

After extensively analyzing the Census’s American Community Survey using Saturday Night Science, we have identified a group of cities in the Tar Heel State where there is a high demand for people to move in.

Fastest Growing Cities In North Carolina For 2024

Which city in North Carolina is projected to have the highest population growth rate in 2024? According to the latest ACS data, Rolesville is the city in North Carolina that is growing the fastest. If you live in Rolesville, it’s likely not surprising to see it on our list.

If you’re feeling surprised and curious about why these places are significant, continue reading. We will explain what causes these 10 places in North Carolina to grow rapidly.


Population: 9,696
Population 2010: 3,289
Percent Growth 194.8%
Absolute Growth: 6,407


Population: 20,665
Population 2010: 8,754
Percent Growth 136.1%
Absolute Growth: 11,911

St. James

Population: 6,566
Population 2010: 2,790
Percent Growth 135.3%
Absolute Growth: 3,776

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Population: 35,428
Population 2010: 16,152
Percent Growth 119.3%
Absolute Growth: 19,276


Population: 24,473
Population 2010: 11,925
Percent Growth 105.2%
Absolute Growth: 12,548

Holly Springs

Population: 42,023
Population 2010: 21,968
Percent Growth 91.3%
Absolute Growth: 20,055


Population: 65,541
Population 2010: 34,427
Percent Growth 90.4%
Absolute Growth: 31,114


Population: 10,575
Population 2010: 5,563
Percent Growth 90.1%
Absolute Growth: 5,012


Population: 29,756
Population 2010: 16,147
Percent Growth 84.3%
Absolute Growth: 13,609


Population: 18,934
Population 2010: 10,328
Percent Growth 83.3%
Absolute Growth: 8,606

Method to Measure the Fastest Growing Cities In the Tar Heel State

We used Saturday Night Science to analyze the growth rates of cities since the start of the decade. This information is based on the American Community Survey released by the census annually. In more detail:

  • Current Population
  • Population in 2010
  • Growth rate from 2010 to Current

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