These 7 Most Weird Laws in Florida State Can Surprise You More

Florida is famous worldwide for its beaches, sunny weather, and theme parks. Florida Man is a well-known joke on the internet. This is about strange crime news stories that involve a person from Florida. The reason there are so many of these headlines is because Florida has laws that give journalists more access to information than other states. However, strange crimes are not the only things that happen in Florida. There are also many unusual laws. Here are some strange laws that exist in the State of Florida, which you should know about, along with some commonly believed myths.

Most Weird Laws in Florida State

It is Illegal for a Woman to Fall Asleep Under a Hair Dryer at a Hair Salon

In Florida, there is a law that fines women who fall asleep under a hairdryer. In addition, a salon owner can also be fined for this offense. If you’re feeling very careful, make sure to keep yourself (or your customers if you own a salon) entertained while at the hair salon.

It is Illegal to Roll a Barrel Down the Street in Pensacola

If you are seen pushing a barrel down the street in Pensacola, you might have to pay a fine. It’s important to note that the amount of the fine will be determined by what is inside the barrel. So, if you really want to roll a barrel down the street, be sure to check its contents beforehand.

The Punishment for Horse Theft is Still Listed as Death by Hanging

This punishment is still included in the law. However, because it is considered a cruel and unusual punishment according to the Eighth Amendment, it is no longer allowed to be carried out. According to Florida Statute 812.014, you can now be sent to prison for up to five years and fined up to $5,000.

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You Cannot Park at an Intersection

This law is not strange because of what it enforces, but rather because it needs to be enforced in the first place, unlike other laws in Florida. According to Florida Statute 0316.1945, it is not allowed to park your vehicle at an intersection. If you do, you may receive a ticket. It’s really dangerous to park your vehicle at an intersection, so please don’t do it, even if you don’t want to get a ticket.

It Is Illegal to Sing in a Swimsuit

If you want to do karaoke on the beach in Florida, you should wear something other than a bathing suit because it’s against the law to sing in a bathing suit. Good news! This law is usually not enforced, so you can sing no matter what you’re wearing.

It Is Illegal to Sell Oranges on the Side of Miami Beach

If you want to start a business selling oranges, be careful not to set it up on the sidewalk at Miami Beach. If you do, you could end up spending 30 days in jail. This is stated in Section 70-5 of Miami’s laws.

Unmarried Women Parachuting on Sundays Can Be Fined

If you are a woman who is not married and wants to be very careful, it would be a good idea to avoid going parachuting on Sundays. The consequence for engaging in this activity is a monetary penalty and/or imprisonment. Thankfully, this law is no longer enforced, but it is still part of the legal code. However, men are allowed to parachute on Sundays without any restrictions.

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