These West Virginia Cities are Growing Very Fast In 2024

The cities of Charles Town and Bridgeport are projected to be the fastest-growing cities in West Virginia by 2024, according to Saturday Night Science.

Is it a positive or negative thing to live in a rapidly growing area of West Virginia? It depends on the person you ask. Some people prefer larger, more vibrant cities like Charleston and Huntington, while others prefer tranquility and calmness found in places like Buckhannon and New Martinsville. Thank you very much.

Today, we will set aside opinions and focus on the factual information. We will examine which cities in West Virginia have experienced the most rapid growth since 2010. After thoroughly analyzing the Census’s American Community Survey using Saturday Night Science, we have identified a group of cities in the Mountain State where there is a high demand for people to move in.

Fastest Growing Cities In West Virginia For 2024

Which city in West Virginia is projected to have the highest population growth rate in 2024? According to the latest ACS data, Charles Town is the city in West Virginia that is growing the fastest. If you live in Charles Town, it’s likely that you’re not surprised to see it on our list.

Charles Town

Population: 6,584
Population 2010: 5,074
Percent Growth 29.8%
Absolute Growth: 1,510


Population: 9,255
Population 2010: 7,978
Percent Growth 16.0%
Absolute Growth: 1,277


Population: 18,678
Population 2010: 17,133
Percent Growth 9.0%
Absolute Growth: 1,545

Oak Hill

Population: 8,157
Population 2010: 7,659
Percent Growth 6.5%
Absolute Growth: 498

South Charleston

Population: 13,527
Population 2010: 13,390
Percent Growth 1.0%
Absolute Growth: 137


Population: 10,642
Population 2010: 10,724
Percent Growth -0.8%
Absolute Growth: -82


Population: 18,402
Population 2010: 18,865
Percent Growth -2.5%
Absolute Growth: -463

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Method to Find the Fastest Growing Cities In West Virginia for 2024

We used Saturday Night Science to determine which cities are experiencing the highest growth rates. We analyzed the growth rates of cities since the start of the decade, using data from the American Community Survey published by the census annually. In particular:

  • Current Population
  • Population in 2010
  • Growth rate from 2010 to Current

We have organized a list of 25 cities in West Virginia with a population of over 5,000 people. The cities are ranked based on their growth rate, from highest to lowest. The city that experienced the highest increase in population during this period was named the fastest-growing city in the Mountain State.


Charles Town and Bridgeport are the fastest-growing cities in West Virginia by 2024, according to Saturday Night Science. The cities have experienced the highest population growth rate since 2010, according to the Census’s American Community Survey. The cities are ranked based on their population growth rate, with Charles Town being the fastest-growing. The cities are expected to attract a high demand for people to move in.

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