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Two Teens Charged With Arson for Trying to Set Detroit House on Fire

Two Teens Charged With Arson for Trying to Set Detroit House on Fire

DETROIT – The Detroit Fire Department reported that a porch was intentionally set ablaze on Monday evening, endangering the lives of children who were inside the house at the time.

An arson incident occurred at a multi-unit house located at the 1600 block of Lawton in Detroit. According to the fire department, they stated that the incident was a result of a domestic-related issue that occurred earlier this week.

There were no injuries reported, and the damage was minimal. One resident, Ebony Curry, expressed concerns about the possibility of the suspects returning. A mother’s primary concern is the safety of her children.

“I’m very upset. I don’t feel safe,” expressed Curry. “I am prepared to relocate, but unfortunately, I lack the necessary financial resources to transport my beloved pets.” The individual expressed their desire to leave the current location.

At approximately 9:30 p.m. on Monday, Curry noticed some activity on her ring camera, but it didn’t catch her attention. As she peered out the window, a shocking sight greeted her: her porch engulfed in flames.

“I promptly dialed the fire department and contacted 911,” she stated. “There is a sense of panic as the daughters’ voices fill the air with loud cries and screams.”

According to her, the fire department responded promptly and successfully extinguished the flames. Despite living in the home for 6 years, she remains clueless about the source of the fire. This unexpected incident has left her bewildered, as she has never encountered anything of this nature before.

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Two individuals, both 19 years old, have been apprehended and charged with first-degree arson, as reported by the DFD. No charges were filed against a third individual.

Curry expresses her concerns about all of them, but she expresses gratitude towards the police for apprehending the individuals responsible. The woman expressed uncertainty about the possibility of the individuals returning to seek revenge. “The situation is causing fear and concern.”

DFD has reported that a woman residing at the same location has been apprehended in relation to the domestic incident. Curry’s top priority now is ensuring the safety of her children.

“I am currently strategizing my financial plans to secure a new residence for my children,” Curry stated. The suspects are scheduled to appear in court for arraignment on Friday morning.

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