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Winterfest 2024 in Detroit: Snow, Trails, and 4×4 Action

Winterfest 2024 in Detroit: Snow, Trails, and 4×4 Action

Detroit Winterfest 2024 is gearing up to offer a spectacular blend of winter fun, off-roading adventures, and local cultural festivities. Scheduled for January 20, 2024, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST, this event promises an exhilarating experience for off-roading enthusiasts and winter sports lovers alike​​​​.

The Off-Roading Experience

At the heart of Detroit Winterfest is the off-roading adventure. Hosted at Holly Oaks ORV Park, this event is a paradise for 4×4 enthusiasts. The park’s diverse terrain, covered in a blanket of snow, provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable day of off-road driving. The event welcomes a variety of vehicles including Jeeps, trucks, and side-by-sides, ensuring that everyone from novices to seasoned off-roaders can find challenges and excitement.

Participants can also take part in a 101 Off-Road Training Course for just $25, which offers an opportunity to learn basic and advanced off-roading skills. The course is ideal for those looking to improve their driving techniques or simply get a taste of off-roading in a controlled environment​​.

Badge of Honor and Community Spirit

One of the unique aspects of the Detroit Winterfest is the opportunity to earn a Jeep Badge of Honor. This program, designed for off-roading enthusiasts, allows participants to collect badges for conquering various trails. It’s not just about the drive; it’s about being part of a community that shares a passion for adventure and the great outdoors​​.

Beyond Off-Roading: Embracing Detroit’s Winter Spirit

Detroit Winterfest is more than just off-roading. The event is part of a larger celebration of winter in the Metro Detroit area. The 2024 Metro Detroit Winter Festivals offer a range of activities and events that showcase the region’s winter spirit and cultural richness:

  1. Motown Magic at Valade Park (Jan 19-21): A vibrant celebration featuring local vendors, Detroit Pistons activities, and classic Motown music, perfect for those looking to experience the heart and soul of Detroit in a festive setting​​.
  2. Tecumseh Ice Sculpture Festival (Jan 20-21): This festival in Downtown Tecumseh dazzles with over 40 intricately carved ice sculptures and includes a Scavenger Hunt for an interactive and fun experience​​.
  3. Dexter Ice Festival (Jan 20): Located in Monument Park, Dexter, this festival offers live ice carving demonstrations and over 70 ice sculptures, along with family-friendly activities like a kids’ zone and hot chocolate​​.
  4. Rochester Hills Winter Carnival (Jan 27): A day full of winter fun at Bear Creek Nature Park with activities like live ice carving, snow games, archery, and snow snake luge, making it a perfect family outing​​.
  5. Detroit Boat Show (Jan 27-Feb 4): A nautical event featuring a range of watercraft, interactive exhibits, and seminars at Huntington Place, ideal for boating enthusiasts and families​​.
  6. International 500 Snowmobile Race (Jan 28-Feb 3): An adrenaline-pumping snowmobile race at Owosso Speedway, known as the world’s most grueling snowmobile race on a high-banked ice oval track​​.


Detroit Winterfest 2024 is set to be a highlight of the winter season, offering a unique mix of off-road adventure and local cultural experiences. Whether you’re a 4×4 enthusiast, a winter sports fan, or someone looking to enjoy the cultural vibrancy of Detroit, there’s something for everyone at this exciting event. Get ready to experience the trails, snow, and 4×4 fun in a way that only Detroit can offer.

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