Where Dreams Thrive Explore Pennsylvania's Top 5 Living Destinations

Pennsylvania, sometimes referred to as the “Keystone State,” is a state with a rich past, stunning scenery, and energetic cities. Pennsylvania has plenty to offer everyone, from the bustling metropolis of Philadelphia to the undulating hills of Amish country.

But the state really shines for people looking for a place to start a family and establish a home. Pennsylvania provides a location for you to call home, regardless of your preference for the bustle of a large metropolis, the tranquility of a small town, or the ease of a bustling suburb.

So fasten your seatbelts and get ready to explore the Keystone State’s hidden treasures and amazing opportunities!


There are 5,172 people living in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, a tiny town. Compared to the state average, its median house value is $512,844, which is greater, indicating how desirable the neighborhood is.

Collegeville has a particularly affluent community, as seen by its $99,271 median income, which is significantly more than the statewide average.

With a 7.2% unemployment rate, the municipality is not as economically sound as the state, which has a 5.4% rate.


Compared to the state’s total population of 12,989,208, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, has a much smaller population of 6,507. Compared to Pennsylvania’s typical property worth of $256,703, Swarthmore’s median property value is substantially greater at $405,622.

Where Dreams Thrive: Explore Pennsylvania's Top 5 Living Destinations
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Additionally, Swarthmore’s median income of $138,679 is significantly greater than the state’s median income of $73,170. But Swarthmore’s 11.1% unemployment rate is more than twice as high as Pennsylvania’s 5.4% figure.

Swarthmore maintains a lower crime rate per capita (0.0057) than the state (0.0200) in spite of these data.

Clarks Summit

With a population of about 5,091, Clarks Summit is a Pennsylvania town. This quiet community has a typical house value of $305,379, which is significantly more than the state average and reflects both a strong local economy and pleasant living conditions.

People who live here make $87,102 on average, which is much more than the state median. Clarks Summit has a steady economy with an exceptionally low unemployment rate of around 2.0%.

Further supporting its reputation as a secure neighborhood with solid economic underpinnings is the fact that its crime rate per capita, at 0.0234 incidences per person, is marginally higher than the state average.

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The Pennsylvanian town of Wyomissing, home to 11,067 people, is notable. At roughly $339,512 for residences, it has a median home value that is significantly greater than the state average.

Where Dreams Thrive Explore Pennsylvania's Top 5 Living Destinations
Image By: Homes.com

Additionally, the municipality has a median annual income of $86,786 that is higher than the state median. Because of its strong economic climate, Wyomissing continues to have a low unemployment rate of 3.6%.

Regarding safety, the municipality reports a crime rate that is marginally higher than the state average of 0.020, at 0.023 incidents per capita.

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The population of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, is 9,672, making it a smaller community than the state as a whole. Even though it’s smaller, Canonsburg’s median house value—$328,096—is significantly more than the state average.

Additionally, residents here benefit from a higher median income of $76,597, which is greater than the $73,170 state median. In contrast to the state’s 5.4% unemployment rate, the town’s rate is slightly higher at 6.4%.

Positively, Canonsburg continues to have a substantially lower crime rate per capita than the state average of 0.0200 incidents per capita, with 0.0045 incidences.

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To Conclude

The variety of experiences Pennsylvania has to offer goes far beyond these five locations. Explore these communities more thoroughly to learn about their distinct personalities.

Pennsylvania offers a location where your ambitions can really come true, regardless of your priorities—low crime, robust job markets, affordability, or a tranquil atmosphere.

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