Zelensky Says that US is Not Funding War in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said again on Sunday that the United States is not providing financial support for the war in Ukraine. He emphasized that the U.S. is assisting in safeguarding democracy in the region.

NBC host Kristen Welker asked Zelensky on “Meet the Press” how long Americans will continue to financially support the war in Ukraine. She mentioned that there are people who strongly oppose sending more aid to the country. Zelensky said that Ukraine is responsible for the fighting, while the U.S. is only supplying the weapons.

The Americans are not providing financial support for the war in Ukraine. Their main goal is to protect freedom and democracy throughout Europe. Ukraine is currently engaged in a conflict. Ukraine is sending their most talented and capable young people to the front line. Zelensky said that this would lower the price for all of Europe and all NATO countries. He was speaking through a translator.

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“It lowers the cost for everyone, including the United States as the leaders in NATO.” The U.S. Army no longer has to fight to protect NATO countries. That is being done by Ukrainians. And it’s only the ammunition that the civilized world is supplying. I believe it is a wise choice. “That is why we need to keep supporting,” he continued.

The House passed a large foreign aid package on Saturday, which will now be sent to the Senate. The package includes approximately $61 billion for Ukraine, $26 billion for Israel, and $8 billion for allies in the Indo-Pacific. Zelensky asked the Senate to approve the aid package for Ukraine.

“And today, we really need this assistance.” And Kristen, we really need to finish this. We have to obtain approval from the Senate. He said that we want to get things quickly to provide tangible assistance for the soldiers on the front. He emphasized the importance of not waiting another six months and allowing them to move forward.

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