Top 5 Picks Discover South Dakota's Best Family-Friendly Towns

Families are drawn to South Dakota, the “Mount Rushmore State,” because of its enormous grasslands, striking mountains, and fascinating past. Past the well-known presidential portraits, South Dakota has a diverse range of age-appropriate communities.

Making enduring experiences with your loved ones is easy, whether you choose exciting outdoor activities or quaint small-town festivals. But with so many fun places to visit, it might be difficult to decide which South Dakota town would be best for your family’s trip.

Prepare to uncover the hidden treasures that will make your family vacation in South Dakota genuinely remarkable, fasten your seatbelt, and bring along your spirit of adventure!


There are 2,003 people living in the little town of Parkston. Here, the average property price is roughly $208,021, and the median income is $70,982. It receives a score of 36 on the amenities scale that is family-friendly, meaning that there are moderately available services.

In Parkston, families make up about 29.1% of households, indicating that families make up a sizable percentage of the community.


Madison, a small town of 6,271 people, has an average property price of $235,746 and a typical income of $62,756. Madison, which has a score of 63 and is well-known for its family-friendly amenities, is popular with families, as seen by the 24.1% of homes that have children.

Top 5 Picks: Discover South Dakota's Best Family-Friendly Towns
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Located near Omaha, it provides a quiet residential neighborhood with easy access to city resources and activities.

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The 10,919 people who live in the suburban community of Brandon have a high median income of $101,747. The average cost of a home is $362,304, which indicates that the residential environment is rather wealthy.

With a somewhat high score of 44 for family-friendly amenities, it offers some but maybe not as many as in larger cities.

Brandon is a reasonably family-friendly municipality with opportunity for expansion in terms of family-oriented services and facilities, as evidenced by the fact that 38.4% of homes there have children.

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Beresford is a small community of 2,419 people with an average property price of $265,826 and a median income of $71,343. It has a modest family-friendly amenities score of 49 and can accommodate 35.5% of households who have children.

Top 5 Picks: Discover South Dakota's Best Family-Friendly Towns
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This is what makes Beresford a desirable place to live, providing a good mix of community facilities and affordability that is ideal for families.

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There are 2,603 people living in Lennox, a small hamlet. The average home price in this area is $283,904, while the median income is $64,663. On the Family Friendly Amenities scale, it receives a score of 33, which indicates a decent amount of family-friendly amenities are available.

Lennox is a community where a sizable proportion of the population is raising a family; approximately 35.1% of homes have children.

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To Conclude

South Dakota has a range of places to go where you may make lifelong memories with your loved ones, from the charming tiny town of Parkston to the family-friendly attractions of Madison.

Madison offers a combination of peaceful living and convenient access to city resources, while Parkston offers both affordability and a strong feeling of community.

Therefore, South Dakota offers the ideal family-friendly town waiting to welcome you on your next adventure, regardless of your priorities: affordability, proximity to fascinating attractions, or a strong sense of community.

Keep in mind that this is only a starting point; explore each town in more detail to find the distinctive sights and events that will make your family vacation in South Dakota really remarkable.

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