Cities to Skip 5 Cities in Wisconsin You Might Want to Avoid Moving To

Wisconsin, known as the “Badger State,” draws tourists with its breathtaking landscapes, energetic cities, and welcoming neighborhoods. Beyond the well-known fish fries and cheese curds, though, some Wisconsin locations might not be the best fit for everyone.

We’ve examined important elements that are necessary for a happy existence, such as employment prospects, crime rates, the caliber of education, and cost.

It’s a good idea to be informed of any potential downsides if you’re thinking of moving to Wisconsin in order to prevent disappointment. Explore this list to find the ideal Wisconsin paradise for you and make an informed choice!


The average home in Beloit, a city of 36,642 people, is valued at $165,823, while the median income is $57,168. 6.0% is the unemployment rate, which reflects the state of the economy.

Beloit, while taking into account crime statistics, manages to retain a profile that strikes a balance between affordability and economic prospects, with a per capita crime rate of 0.0272 occurrences.


At 573,299, the population of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is roughly estimated. The average cost of a home in the city is $191,843, whilst the median income of its citizens is $49,733. The current state of the economy is reflected in Milwaukee’s 5.9% unemployment rate.

Cities to Skip: 5 Cities in Wisconsin You Might Want to Avoid Moving To
Image By: Milwaukee Magazine

The ratio of recorded events to population size is indicated by the crime per capita, which is calculated as 0.0491. Milwaukee’s demographic, economic, and safety indices are briefly shown in these figures.

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In the 8,075-person town of Antigo, the typical income is $45,581 and the average home price is $146,364. Given the community’s economic circumstances, the 6.8% unemployment rate is indicative of it.

The town reports 0.0186 crimes per 1,000 residents, which is a comparatively low rate of crime.

This speaks to safety concerns. With regard to housing affordability and the economic issues represented in the unemployment rate, these figures offer a glimpse of Antigo’s demographic and economic situation.

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Racine, a 77,453-person city, has an affordable housing market, with an average house price of $174,516.73. With a median income of $52,766, one can observe a reasonable cost of living in relation to income levels.

Cities to Skip 5 Cities in Wisconsin You Might Want to Avoid Moving To
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The city’s 6.0% unemployment rate, however, is a reflection of persistent economic difficulties. With 0.0192 crimes per 100,000 people, crime is comparatively low, indicating that the area is typically safe for its citizens.

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There are 10,450 people living in Portage, a tiny town. In comparison to larger urban centers, Portage is affordable, as evidenced by the average property price of $244,455. Residents’ median income is $59,619, which suggests a reasonable income level in relation to housing costs.

With a 6.9% unemployment rate, the neighborhood may be facing some financial difficulties. Portage has a low crime rate of 0.0209 occurrences per capita, which makes it a reasonably safe area to live.

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To Conclude

Although Wisconsin has a certain allure, it’s vital to weigh all the options before moving. Though their unemployment rates imply financial difficulties, Beloit and Racine can seem inexpensive.

Keep in mind that this is just the beginning. Investigate each place further to see if the possible downsides outweigh any special features that might catch your attention.

Planning carefully can help you choose the ideal Wisconsin paradise that fits your requirements for a safe and contented existence.

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