Places to Avoid Louisiana's 5 Least Livable Communities

The “Pelican State,” Louisiana, draws tourists with its fascinating history, mouthwatering food, and lively culture. Beyond the exuberant Mardi Gras festivities and vibrant music scene, certain neighborhoods provide difficulties for locals.

We’ve examined elements that are essential to a comfortable life, such as employment prospects, crime rates, educational attainment, and environmental risks.

To prevent disappointment, it’s a good idea to be informed of any potential downsides if you’re thinking of moving to Louisiana. Explore this list to find the ideal Louisiana paradise for you and make an informed choice!


At $122,748 on average, a home in Opelousas, a community of 15,810 residents, is worth $34,271 on the median. There are economic difficulties in the community, as seen by the 11.0% unemployment rate.

Safeguarding public safety and security is a difficulty faced by the community, as seen by the 0.0817 reported crime rate per capita.


The modest town of Bogalusa, home to 10,689 people, with a median income of $39,213 and an average property price of $82,743. Its high unemployment rate of 11.6%, however, is a reflection of its economic difficulties.

Places to Avoid: Louisiana's 5 Least Livable Communities
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Despite facing economic challenges, the city manages to maintain a comparatively low crime rate of 0.0570 incidents per capita, demonstrating a commitment to community safety.

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St. Martinville

There are 5,447 people living in the small town of St. Martinville. This location is affordable compared to larger cities, as evidenced by the $134,241 average property price in the area.

But with a median income of $32,781, there may be financial difficulties for the locals. With a notable high of 15.9%, the unemployment rate indicates persistent challenges in the labor market.

The crime rate per capita is 0.0525, which is relatively low for the size of the population in terms of safety.

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Marksville is a small hamlet of 5,034 people, with a median income of $33,635 and an average home price of about $125,081. Despite its small size, the town has a 7.0% unemployment rate, which indicates economic difficulties.

Places to Avoid: Louisiana's 5 Least Livable Communities
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Marksville has a crime rate of 0.0642 incidents per capita, which is lower than that of larger cities and suggests that the town is generally safe.

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The average property price in Bastrop, a small community of 9,623 people, is roughly $74,979. Given the area’s economic makeup, the median income of $29,286 is indicative.

Nevertheless, the 11.5% unemployment rate in Bastrop is a problem for the community’s way of life.

Regarding security, the crime rate—which is calculated as 0.0558 events per 1,000 people—must be taken into account by both citizens and law enforcement in order to preserve the welfare of the communities.

To Conclude

Although Louisiana has an unmistakable appeal, it’s vital to weigh all the pros and downsides before moving.

While St. Martinville and Marksville confront economic difficulties in addition to a lack of work prospects, Opelousas and Bogalusa struggle with high unemployment rates.

Despite Bastrop’s affordability, it is important to take into account its high unemployment rate. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning. Investigate each place further to see if the possible downsides outweigh any special features that might catch your attention.

Finding the ideal Louisiana paradise that fits your criteria for a happy and meaningful life is possible with proper planning.

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